One Off Deep
Clean Service

When you feel your premises need a deep clean , Our specialist team can give you a tailored cleaning solution 


We understand that running a business can be hard, with many daily challenges to complete specially in unhealthy and dirty working environment it’s more stressful but Britek can take your stress and return you back life of your work place and give you more desirable working environment. 

When a building has been neglected over a period of time, a great way to get it straight back is a conditional deep clean.

A building which is ignored to clean on regular bases create unhealthy & unhygienic working environment for your workers.
 The carpets will be clean hoovered, touch points will be disinfectant and sparkling clean, All exposures area will be deep clean, toilets will be sanitised, the taps will be sparkling, the mirrors and sinks will be spotless, and the kitchen units will be rigorously cleaned until they’re almost as good as new.

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Creating safe & clean working environment in the community